Fire Glass


Enhance the atmosphere around your gas fire pit or fireplace with stunning Fire Glass.
Fire Glass is quality tempered glass fragments that are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures without dissolving, cracking popping or fading.

Reflective Fire Glass has a reflective mirror-like finish on one side and creates a dazzling sparkle effect for a brighter, more interesting fire. Reflective Fire glass looks great with or without fire and intensifies when lit by reflecting the light of the flames. $150 per 10Kg

Non-Reflective Fire Glass is a solid colour with no mirror coating. This glass looks great on its own or mixed with other colours to customise your fire feature. $100 per 10Kg
Please note – Only Forest Green available.

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  • Fire Glass is suited to both modern and rustic settings, with its shine and vibrant colour creating a unique atmosphere
  • Available in many sparkling colours to fit your décor
  • The option of non-reflective or a reflective mirror-like coating
  • Mix and match any colours to create a unique style of your own
  • Fire Glass retains heat more than ceramic logs, lave rocks, stones etc.
  • Environmentally friendly, the glass does not let off any odours or fumes and will not create smoke or ash
  • Suitable for any gas fire pit or fire place, garden and landscape decor and art projects
  • We can calculate the quantity required for your gas feature
  • 10Kg box of Fire Glass dimensions (mm) 330l x 285w x 110h
  • Please contact us for pricing smaller quantities

$15.00 for national courier of 10kgs of Fire Glass

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 33 × 28.5 × 110 cm

Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Copper, Pink, Platinum, Gold, Black, Crystal, Forest Green, Non reflective Forest Green

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