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Corten Steel Planters

Sharp Engineering manufacture five different shaped large outdoor planters from 3mm Gauge Corten Steel. The planters are suitable for all outdoor climates and create a bold decorative touch to decks, balconies, gardens, patios, entryways and commercial landscapes. They add interest and a sculpture like quality to any interior or exterior design, and are great in groups, rows and varying sizes.

  • All Corten steel Planters are delivered in the un-weathered condition.
  • Custom sizes on request.
  • All prices quoted throughout this website are GST inclusive.
  • Each planter is made to order here in New Zealand and is manufactured to high standards by Sharp Engineering.
  • Please enquire for delivery lead times and freight costs.
Columnar Planter - Corten Steel - Sharp Engineering

Columnar Planters

  • Planter 600

    480mm (L)
    480mm (W)
    600mm (H)

  • Planter 850

    480mm (L)
    480mm (W)
    850mm (H)

  • Planter 1150

    480mm (L)
    480mm (W)
    1150mm (H)

Cube PlantersCorten Steel - Sharp Engineering

Cubic Planters

  • Cubic Planter

    600mm Top
    600mm Base
    600mm High

Round Planter - Corten Steel - Sharp Engineering

Round Planters

  • RoundPlanter

    500mm Diameter
    600mm High

Tapered Planter - Corten Steel - Sharp Engineering

Tapered Planters

  • Tapered Planter

    415mm Top
    315mm Base
    900mm High

Trough Planter - Corten Steel - Sharp Engineering

Trough Planters

  • Trough Planter

    1270mm Long
    350mm Wide
    450mm High

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